Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
9 – 12 June 2019 Guangzhou, China More info

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The comprehensive complementary programme of events rounds off your visit to Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The top themes and events give you a concentrated overview of the latest trends and developments in your sector.

THINKLIGHT: Envisage The Next Move

New digital technologies are transforming the lighting industry and ‘disruption’ has been a key talking point among industry players. The theme of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019 (GILE) – THINKLIGHT: Envisage The Next Move – aims to encourage the the lighting community to see the changes as a means of progression and innovation.

Lighting beyond illumination

By embracing the digital transformation, the lighting industry has been bestowed with new opportunities to create lighting that is smart, sustainable and connected and which is able to collect data and communicate. Intelligent lighting controls, predictive management, space and occupancy analytics, beacon networking among many other applications have created additional value to the basic illumination function of a lighting fixture.

In addition to the technological aspect, there has been a change in the business model of the lighting industry. Lighting vendors no longer sell light bulbs but sell lighting-as-a-service based on IoT connectivity. New lighting applications like automotive LEDs, small interval LEDs, horticultural lighting, UV and IR LEDs offer new possibilities for the industry.

The latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions will be showcased throughout the 19 halls comprising the exhibition while the concurrent event programme will invite industry experts from around the world to delve deeper into the latest industry trends and developments.

The fundamentals of light

In the midst of industry-wide change, many people are taking a moment to consider the fundamental purpose of lighting – illumination. While lighting has become the primary choice of carrier of IoT data and is forming the backbone of smart buildings and cities, the critical factors of good quality lighting such as colour, glare and flicker must not be diminished. The 2019 show seeks to encourage the industry to use technology with care and find a balance between the desire for low-cost, low-energy solutions with the need for exquisite lighting that is beneficial to people’s needs and comfort.

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