Themes & events

The comprehensive complementary programme of events rounds off your visit to Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The top themes and events give you a concentrated overview of the latest trends and developments in your sector.

The journey to "Light + Future 2.0" at GILE 2024.

The upcoming Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will carry on the "Light+" story, together with all participants on an innovative journey into the future of lighting. With the global epidemic coming to an end, and “Light 1.0” has achieved remarkable results, the lighting industry is now ready for moving forward. 

With 8 major lighting application settings, the multi-dimensional exhibition space "Light+" offers the industry players a chance to integrate and demonstrate the latest lighting technology in along with giving an effective communication. We can observe the potential in the lighting sector here with all parties.

  • Light + Lifestyle
  • Light + Experience
  • Light + Art
  • Light + Smart City
  • Light + Health
  • Light + AloT
  • Light + Low Carbon
  • Light + Smart Agriculture

GILE 2023 Forum Impression:

Connecting industries and 9 lighting application circles with "Light+"

Cities: Intelligent Street Lighting and Urban Construction Circle


This circle covers the fields of municipal management, engineering construction, engineering design, urban street lighting management office, urban street lighting solution provider, landscape lighting solution provider and so on.

  • Elites Circle - Dialogue on the Future City Development
  • 2023 New Energy Lighting Future Development Forum
  • The "Dual Carbon" Strategy: Household Energy Storage Technology Forum
  • 2023 Smart City & Innovation in Street Lighting Development Forum
  • 2023 Smart Ciyu - Construction and Management Forum

Architecture: Low Carbon Healthy Buildings Circle


This circle covers urban planning, city management, developers, architects, engineers, builders, interior design, lighting design, programmers and other fields.

  • WELL Brightens up the Future of Well Living Lifestyle
  • Architectural Technology for a 100-year Life & Well-being Symposium


Home: Multi-dimensional Living Home Circle

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This circle covers home decoration circle, intelligent lighting circle, design circle and other fields.

  • Smart Home About Future‧Trends Talk Of Interior Design
  • Mainless Lighting and Design Innovation Forum
  • 2023 Smart Home Channel Innovation Conference
  • Luxury Home - Future Perspective on New Ideas, New Materials and New Technology
  • 2023 Forum on Greater Bay Area Residential Space Innovation
  • Light+ Multi-dimensional Living Forum
  • East Meet West
  • Case Studies on Multi Party Collboration
  • Design Forum: Culture & Humanilities, Life & Health

Elderly Care: Geriatric and Nursing Industry Circle


This circle covers the fields of recreational and health care real estate, senior care service industry associations, senior care institutions, medical and health care services, project builders, light environment design experts, architects, programmers, and so on.

  • [Collaboration, Coexistence, New Opportunities] 2023 Smart Health and Elderly-Friendly Lighting Forum

Commercial: Space Design Circle


This circle covers real estate developers, hotels, retailers, restaurants, ground builders, architects, interior designers, lighting designers, space designers and other fields.

  • Smart Lighting - Designer Forum
  • Is Lighting Design by Art of Scrience
  • Light of Design - 2023 Trends in Spatial Design and Light Art Forum
  • Cross-boarder Integration, Light + Future - Business Lighting Design Forum

Campus: Education Circle


This circle covers the fields of school owners, education systems, visual medicine, psychological medicine, spatial design, lighting design, digital education integration, smart campus integrators, and lighting solution providers.

  • 2023 Forum on Lighting Environments for Youth Learning Spaces

Farming: Bio-lighting Circle


This circle covers the fields of plant academics, farming applications, industry chain import and export, lighting spectrum research, programmers, and material power solution providers.

  • 2023 International Forum on Bio-optics and Smart Agriculture Industry

Culture and Tourism: Pan-Tourism Ecosphere

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This circle covers the fields of city tourism, culture, publicity and other related government departments, tourism planning and research, tourism operators, scenic spots and commercial real estate owners, directors, artists, lighting design, animation programming, cultural IPs, programmers and engineers.

  • 2023 The 11th Edition Alighting Award Presentation Ceremony & "Light + Future" Brand Innovations Forum
  • 2023 Lighting Arts Forum
  • 2023 Forum on Innovative and High-Quality Development of Nighttime Cultural Tourism

Sports: Sports Venue Space Design Ecosphere


The circle covers urban sports, culture and other related government departments, venue owners, sports real estate, architectural design institutes, lighting designers, directors, programmers, engineers and other fields.

  • China Sport Sadium Lighting Symposium

The 2023 show also included a range of events in the lighting technology, design, and sales channels in addition to the circles mentioned above, including:

Intelligent Cross-border Circle

  • Smart Lighting - PLC Technology Development Forum
  • Smert Lighting - New Industry Supply Chain Development Forum
  • Smart Lighting - New Innovation Forum
  • Smart Lighting Ecosystem Integration Forum
  • DALI - Global Interoperability of Smart Lighting Control Protocol
  • Matter Makes Things Shine!
  • 2023 The 11th Digitial Intelligence Awards Presentation Ceremony - Smart Home System Integration Design Summit

Industry & Dealer Circle

  • 2023 Modern Lighting Techniques and Humancentric Forum
  • 2023 Asia Lighting Arts Symposium
  • The 10th China LED Innovation Conference
  • 2023 Forum on Quality Development in the Lighting Industry