Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
9 – 12 June 2020 Guangzhou, China More info

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THINKLIGHT: Envisage The Next Move

New digital technologies are transforming the lighting industry and ‘disruption’ has been a key talking point among industry players. The theme of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019 (GILE) – THINKLIGHT: Envisage The Next Move – aims to encourage the the lighting community to see the changes as a means of progression and innovation.

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<Panel of Discussion - What is next for lighting? >

New Era

Embracing the new era of AIoT and 5G, the lighting industry encompasses a broad sense as well as builds up cross partnership in digital system.

•Era of AIoT – Light delivers value beyond illumination

•The new 5G era – Lighting system will be informative, sensory and integrated with everyone

New Lifestyle

The evolving digital technologies allow us to reinvent the ways in which the lighting is designed, installed and perceived in built environments and cities. Interactivity, personalization, well being and the human centric concept have become influential elements to consider. Connected lighting future simplifies our lives through space management, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, tracking, indoor navigating, dynamic lighting, advance parking and energy management.

•Today’s Retail – Enhance experience, engage customers, improve sustainability

•Today’s City – Safe, sustainable, marketable and smart

•Today’s Home – Comfort, personalized and smart

Break away from Red Ocean

Since 2015, the LED lighting market has caught in a tug of war between the Chinese and international companies which pursues low cost strategies and maximizes the profit. Going forward, how could industry players apply different strategies to break way from the “red sea”?

•Illuminated ingenuity – Creative ingenuity, technical ingenuity

•Craftsmanship – Quality and specialization

•Counter-market expansion


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